"PRO-TECH has allowed WTA to increase employee productivity and accuracy in estimating while giving us a higher level of confidence the appropriate products are shipped to the jobsite.  The BTS support team is readily available to answer questions and provide solutions via phone or network connection."

Sandy Sanders, Wagstaff-Taylor & Associates

"We have been using PRO-TECH since 2004. We have used other programs previously and have found PRO-TECH to be more friendly, and with much more data included. We have detailed over 350 jobs using PRO-TECH and written approximately 30 specifications. One of our favorite reasons that we like the program is because of the customer srevice personnel. I am not saying it is flawless, but when there is a situation that we can't figure out; help is only a phone call away."

Ronald M. Thomson Sr., AHC, Architectural Hardware Company

"PRO-TECH is an integral part of our daily operations and has proven to be invaluable. Whether we are detailing, ordering, or delivering materials for a job, we rely on PRO-TECH to keep track of all the intricacies of our work."

John Simon, General Supply Company