PRO-TECH TITAN is the latest in Architectural Project Management Software.  

TITAN is built on the cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and offers more security than a traditional on-premise server configuration. One of the biggest benefits of storing data in the cloud via AWS is the enterprise level of security protection and encryption that AWS provides.  On-premise configurations require firewalls to be installed and encryption software needs to be installed, ran, and maintained.  With PRO-TECH TITAN, all your security needs are covered! 

PRO-TECH TITAN is modernizing construction project management with innovative, time saving features such as:

Advanced Change Management
Simplifies multiple concurrent change orders and proposals

Hardware Alternates & Conversions
PRO-TECH Suggested Conversions & User Saved Alternates

Electronic Quote Request For All ASSA ABLOY Brands
Quickly request & receive quotes within the software

Generates  Hardware Sets & Automatically Adjusts Hardware Sizes
Any sizable hardware item can be assigned to multiple hardware sets & will automatically be sized when the hardware set is assigned to an opening. 

If there are different sizes, PRO-TECH TITAN will create a new hardware set for you!

Door Schedule & Hardware Importer
Importer will learn & save hardware mappings from other imports

Enhanced Organization & Identification
Gone beyond phasing for convenient reporting, ordering, & filtering

Pro-Tech Titan

PRO-TECH Version 8

PRO-TECH Version 8 has over 20 years of development and customer feedback built into its feature set and functionality. 

Version 8 has all your Architectural Project Management needs covered:

AAOS and Excel Imports
Users can start a project from AAOS specification imports or from Excel imports.  Openings can be quickly inserted by using a library of predefined openings, doors, or frames.

Default and Custom Price Books
Accurate pricing and preps rapidly come together from our large collection of price books. Users can also create custom hardware and material price books.

Elevation Power Drawing Tool
Use the auto draw feature, or create complex elevations swiftly with accurate pricing.

Version 8 will manage your door, frame, and hardware prep information for you with hundreds of reporting and submittal options.

Phase your project however you need to, and pull reports and orders according to your specifications.

Generate Submittal Packages with Custom Cover Pages, Keying Index Reports, Door and Hardware Schedules, and Elevations.

Direct order transfer, DOT, your hardware and material directly to multiple vendors.

pro-tech version 8

pro-tech version 8